Accelerate Your Identity and Access Management Strategy

Founded in 2008, TUMY | TECH has worked with a number of clients, in a variety of industries, implement strong, robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) services. We have worked with clients representing many industries, such as Energy (Department of Energy and the biggest Regional Transmission Office (RTO) in the US), Department of Defense, Education (K-12 school system), and Commercial (Insurance, Software Development, Video Game Development). We offer a professional services that are catered to the client's needs. Whether you need a full-time engineer working hand-in-hand with your team or you just need a few hours here and there with with one of our senior architects - we have you covered. Although we have partnered and/or worked with a number of vendors in the Identity and access space (ForgeRock, GoodDogLabs, Oracle and CA), we are hyper-focused on the open source side of things. We have deep partnerships with ForgeRock and GoodDogLabs and found, from our experience, these solutions to be the most flexible, supporting nearly all of the requirements our clients need. It is our firm belief that by delivering exceptional technology, consistently offering top-notch customer service, and by being easy to do business with we will exceed our customer’s expectations. See what TUMY | TECH can do for your business, by contacting us today.


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