IAM Cloud Deployments

Flexible deployment models, we can deploy ForgeRock's Identity Platform to Amazon's Cloud or to your data center on the ground.

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IAM Analytics & Reporting

Real-time insights into your IAM System with flexible IAM Analytics & Reporting Dashboard

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Rapid IAM Deployment Methodologies

Shorter Time to Market (TTM) and Faster Return on Investment (ROI)

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Custom Password Policy Validation in OpenIDM

My customer needed to ensure that passwords contained at least one ‘special character’ when a new password was created in OpenIDM. I borrowed heavily from the provided samples but had to figure out the correct regexp formatting. Here is the function that I used to implement this: function atLeastXSpecialChars(fullObject, value, params, property) { isRequired = […]

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#FISMA Ready @Ubuntu LTS @18F

Ubuntu is a very popular operating system (OS) in the cloud space but the Federal government has been reluctant to adopt Ubuntu, preferring to stick with Redhat as their Linux flavor of choice.  As the Government moves toward the cloud it makes sense to me that Ubuntu would start to see some more play time.  One […]

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Using a different Oracle schema with OpenIDM’s Scripted SQL Connector

Here is a quick note to help you correctly configure the Scripted SQL Connector when working with different schemas in an Oracle Database.  By default the connector assumes that you are querying the default schema, which can be problematic if you happen to be using a different schema (user). The default connector file will look something like […]

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