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Resetting Forgotten Passwords with @ForgeRock #OpenAM

Implementing the “Resetting Forgotten Passwords” functionality as described in the OpenAM Developer’s Guide requires some additional custom code. It’s pretty straight forward to implement this functionality and can be done in 4 steps (per the Developer’s Guide): Configure the Email Service Perform an HTTP Post with the user’s id OpenAM looks up email address (based on […]

For those about to Rock! … introducing the ForgeRock Identity stack introductory bootstrap “sequester special”

I am offering an introductory special to ForgeRock’s Identity (I3) Stack.  I am calling this the “Sequester Special”. The Federales are cutting back budgets and furloughing the Air Traffic controllers (cough … why not the TSA agents at the airport instead) but this is your chance to capitalize on that. So what’s this all about? You get […]

OpenAM: Protecting a Web Application

In response to a post that I had written before on how to install OpenDJ and OpenAM I had someone remind me that I never came back and wrote the follow on post (which I had promised to do).  They posted the question to my other blog site (which I have since migrated over to this site). […]

How to install OpenDJ 2.4 and OpenAM 9.5.2

Prerequisites I am going to assume that you have already downloaded the required software: OpenDJ 2.4 OpenAM 9.5.2 A J2ee container for OpenAM (I am using Glassfish 2.1 ** I have included a note on using Glassfish a little later in this post.) ** If not, you can download at: http://www.forgerock.com and http://glassfish.java.net/public/downloads/index.html My System […]