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Tumy | Tech is hiring a Senior IDM Lead

We have an opening on one of our current projects for a Senior Technical Lead.  This person will assume the role of technical lead with one of our customer’s projects where we are deploying ForgeRock’s Open Identity Platform. Senior Technical IAM Lead Architect/Engineer: Tumy | Tech is seeking a senior IAM Technical Lead with at […]

2014 IDM Conference Season Planning

Looks like it’s time to start planning for the IDM conference season.  There are some great conferences planned and I need to figure out how to start budgeting for some of these.  Let me know if I have missed any conferences that should be listed. March: Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit (17 – 18 […]

SSH Tunnel (of love) from OS X to EC2

So, this is not my “typical” IDM post but I wanted to save this for my own future reference. Scenario: Working from Mac OS X desktop and connecting to an EC2 (Redhat) instance over SSH.  I am installing and configuring Symfony which requires (strongly desires) that you connect to the config.php script from localhost ( […]

To Federate or not to Federate … #IdM #infosec #SAML

I just finished configuring Oracle Access Manager (OAM) for Common Access Card (CAC) authentication integrated with Axway’s Server Validator (SV)Plugin ( I will blog about this in another post ) for certificate validation.  While discussing this with another engineer on the project he mentioned that this really opened the door for tightly integrating with a […]

Virtual Identity Server for Office 365 – OptimalIDM

I just got this from my friends at OptimalIDM and wanted to share this news. OptimalIDM is formally announcing their Virtual Identity Server for Office 365 via a press release at 9:00 a.m. this morning. VIS for Office 365 adds a ton of features and support to Office 365 such as: ·         Users can exist anywhere (i.e. eDirectory) […]