Oracle Internet Directory: Purge the Human Intervention Queue

Oracle recommends using the scripts, $ORACLE_HOME/ldap/bin/ (or but I wasn’t able to get these to work even after modifying as indicated on metalink.  I was able to do the following and then confirmed with Oracle Support that this was correct.

Log in to the Database (Replica DB) as ODS user:

Determine what we are dealing with (I wanted to see what columns were in the table)

1. sqlplus ods/password List columns in asr_chg_log:

2. describe asr_chg_log List Records in asr_chg_log:

How many entries are in the HI queue: (there were zero rows in the master and 19 in the replica)

3. select chg_no, orclguid, chg_seq, retry_cnt from asr_chg_log; Delete entries whose RETRY_CNT is -1 (which means they are in the HIQ):

4. delete from asr_chg_log where RETRY_CNT = ‘-1’;

Restart OID (on both nodes: master and replica)

1. opmnctl stop

2. opmnctl start Use ODM to make change in master.

Confirm by watching for change in Replica.

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