May 2010

Installing and Configuring Sun #DSEE 6.3 #Oracle #IDM #DS

To quickly install and configure Sun’s Oracle’s Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE) 6.3: Unpack the download (tar -xvzf) CD into the DSEE_ZIP_DISTRIBUTION folder Install the software:./dsee_deploy install -i /opt/ds6 Create a new instance:./dsadm create -p port -P SSL-port instance-path Start the new instance:./dsadm start instance-path Modify the example.ldif and then import (to create a new suffix)./dsconf

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Yum (public) to update Oracle Linux #Oracle #IDM

Updating Oracle Enterprise Linux for Oracle Identity Management (Suite) When installing Oracle Identity Management (Suite) on Oracle’s Enterprise Linux the easiest way to install the required packages is to use Oracle’s public Yum server, There are a couple of quick steps to configure OEL to use Oracle’s Yum Server: Note:  03 January 2013:  I

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