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DBImport Profile: (sync w/Oracle DB table)

Important Notes:

  • Diptester utility has not been updated for 11g yet.
  • Oracle recommends setting up sync profile to DB by using command line tools instead of EM UI.

Where is the profile stored:

Profile DN: orclodipagentname=”profile name”,cn=subscriber profile,cn=changelog subscriber,cn=oracle internet directory

Which files make up the profile:

Profile Name: “Profile Name”
Properties File: “profile name”.properties (Connection Info)
Configuration: “profile name”.cfg.master (SQL Query)
Map File: “profile name”.map.master (map columns to attributes)

DIP Log Location:
Updating DBImport Profile: (After making changes to the config files you will need to update the profile)

$ manageSyncProfiles update -h hostname-p 7005 -D weblogic -pF “profile name”-f “profile properties file name”

Warning : Setting an incorrect value for the last change number could cause the profile to stop working or cause undesired sync operations
Do you want to continue [Y/N] Y
[Connected Directory Password] // Source password … DB user password in this case.
[Weblogic user password]
Connection parameters initialized.
Connecting at hostname:7005, with userid “weblogic”..
Connected successfully.

Profile “profile name” successfully updated.

Activate / Deactivate Profiles:

manageSyncProfiles activate -h dip_hostname -p 7005 -D weblogic -pf “profile name”
manageSyncProfiles deactivate -h dip_hostname-p 7005 -D weblogic -pf “profile name”
View the Subscriber Profile:
ldapsearch -h dip_hostname -p 3060 -D “cn=orcladmin” -w “orcladmin_password” -b “orclodipagentname=”profile name”,cn=subscriber profile,cn=changelog subscriber,cn=oracle internet directory” -s sub ‘objectclass=*’

Update the orclodipcondirlastappliedchgnum attribute in the sync profile:

// if there are any problems with the initial sync and you have to do it over … you will need to reset the last applied change number in the profile.

ldapmodify -h [diphostname] -p 3060 -D “cn=orcladmin” -w Passw0rd1 -f update_timestamp.ldif

dn: orclodipagentname=[diphostname],cn=subscriber profile,cn=changelog subscriber,cn=oracle internet directory
changetype: modify
replace: orclodipcondirlastappliedchgnum
orclodipcondirlastappliedchgnum: 20000101120000

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