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Speaking with @Dell rep online today to inquire about the status of a laptop repair. He said “yes, they are performing general troubleshooting on the laptop now.” and then in the very next statement he asked, “By the way, have you sent the laptop to our facility yet?”. Perplexed by his question I said, “doesn’t the fact that they are working on it indicate that I have already sent the laptop?”. To further add to my confusion he then said, “Yes, this is what I am trying to confirm”.

So, apparently Dell’s system does not have enough information to tell him that I have sent in the laptop only that they are currently working on it and his common sense doesn’t have enough information to tell him that these two things are not mutually exclusive.

Now, I am not one to insult one’s common sense with out offering mine to ridicule … so, what did I miss in this conversation??

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