Change the Listen Port for Weblogic AdminServer #Oracle #IDM #Identity

I had to re-install my Oracle Identity Management environment server and I must have had a listener running that I forgot to shutdown. The default Admin Port (7001) wasn’t available, so the installer used 7002. Typically, I would have shutdown all of the services, restarted the server and then uninstall the software. This usually frees up all of the default ports and allows me to perform a clean install. I am not sure what happened … but my mistake is an opportunity to share a good lesson. Usually using 7002 for the Admin listener would not be a big deal but in this particular environment all of the ports, except those specifically requested in advance, are blocked by a firewall. So, once I had the new install finished I wasn’t able to reach the Fusion Middleware Console (e.g., from my desktop browser.

I was a little nervous about changing this because sometimes the port number is referenced in a lot of different places which makes changing it a little difficult to say the least.

As it turns out changing this is pretty trivial. You need to change the port referenced in the config.xml file and then in the startup and shutdown scripts. That’s it.

Step 1. Modify the config.xml file:

Open the following file: $Middleware_home/user_projects/domains/IDMDomain/config/config.xml

In the server directive, change the value from 7002 to 7001: (Make sure you catch all instances of the port)


Ok, so save those changes and then go to Step 2.

Step 2. Modify shutdown scripts:

Change to the directory that contains the startup and shutdown scripts for Weblogic:

$ cd $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/domains/IDMDomain/bin

You will need to edit the following files:, and

Look for the ADMIN_URL variable and change the port in the value (e.g., ADMIN_URL=”t3://″) from 7002 to 7001.

That’s it!

Now, save the changes to those to files and then restart WebLogic Admin and any managed servers.

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