OIF/OAM Integration Approach #Oracle #Identity #IDM

When ever I need to integrate Oracle Identity Federation (OIF) and Oracle Access Manager (OAM) it always takes me a few minutes to remember which integration approach provides which capability.  I decide to make myself a cheat sheet to help remember.  If you are ever in the same boat hopefully this will help.

2 thoughts on “OIF/OAM Integration Approach #Oracle #Identity #IDM

  1. Kunal Jain says:

    Hi Brad –

    I tried contacting you regarding OAM-OIF integration. This is the first time I am doing the integration and it involves OAM, OIF and IdP Dossia.(openID).

    I need to understand the flow and configure it accordingly.

    Please provide me your contact details.

    1. Brad Tumy says:


      I replied to your email. Please send me screenshots of your OIF settings.


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