Virtual Identity Server for Office 365 – OptimalIDM

I just got this from my friends at OptimalIDM and wanted to share this news.

OptimalIDM is formally announcing their Virtual Identity Server for Office 365 via a press release at 9:00 a.m. this morning.

VIS for Office 365 adds a ton of features and support to Office 365 such as:

  • ·         Users can exist anywhere (i.e. eDirectory)
  • ·         Complete Multi-forest support (no on-premise synch required)
  • ·         Non-routable UPN’s (domain.local) & multiple UPN suffixes support
  • ·         Two-Factor authentication
  • ·         Denial of Service prevention/Detection
  • ·         Cloud Firewall (filter data going to cloud)
  • ·         Detailed Audit logging

OptimalIDM is demonstrating this at a Lunch presentation on TUESDAY at TEC.

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