Open Source Identity Solutions

I was asked by a colleague today to provide sources of analysis comparing Open Source IDM Solutions. I think they were looking for comparisons to closed source solutions but there is not a lot of that out there. I provided the following list as a starting point.

I generally like to save time (avoid searching for this again in the future) so I decided to put what I found here. If I am missing anything please let me know and I will update the list.

Provisioning/User Identity Management:


SSO/Access Management/Authentication:


Directory Services:


8 thoughts on “Open Source Identity Solutions

  1. matt says:

    Hey Brad – don’t forget about dotnetopenauth. It’s a .net library which can be used to enable OpenID, Oauth and IMI.

  2. Will says:

    Hi Brad, also has an open source OpenID Connect platform called the OX.

    It’s been getting interest from a number of telecom carriers and was just deployed by a major electronics manufacturer in a new line of tv devices.

  3. ken says:

    Hey Brad new address for joshuatree is

    1. Brad Tumy says:

      Hey Ken. Thanks for letting me know about the new address. I’ll update the link as soon as I can.

  4. M. Reddy says:

    Hello Brad, Thank you for these links.

    Is Oracle Fedlet not available anymore? Do you know?

    I am trying to locate the ZIP file( following one of your previous posts from 2012 on using Fedlet for federation. So far I have been unsuccessful in locating it. Is it now packaged into another installation package like the Fusion Middleware or something like that, do you know?

    I am particularly interested in in using Oracle Fedlet based on the documentation I have read which talks about the simple implementation and small footprint qualities.

    Any pointers you can provide would be very helpful.

    Thank you,
    M. Reddy

    1. Brad Tumy says:

      I’ll need to check to see if they have moved the link. But it’s still available as far as I know. I’ll update the post if I find the new URL.

      1. M. Reddy says:

        Thank you, Brad. Please do post if you come across a new link.

        – M. Reddy

      2. M. Reddy says:

        Never mind, Brad. Found the file on this page:

        It is one of the last Download links on the page.

        Thank you,
        M. Reddy

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