ForgeRock Docs and Alfred

On average I spend a lot of time opening documents online.  One set of documents I refer to frequently is the ForgeRock Technical Document set.  While it’s not overly arduous to open a browser tab and click on a bookmark or type in the URL, I have wanted to find a better shortcut for this task.  I have used the launcher utility Alfred for most of the time that I have been a Mac user but have never used it for anything more advanced than opening applications on my laptop.  I finally took a few minutes yesterday to add a couple of new shortcuts to Alfred that would allow me quickly open the documentation I needed by just typing in a particular keyword.  I thought this was pretty convenient so I made a screencast to share.  I hope you enjoy and possibly get some ideas for improving your own productivity.


2 thoughts on “ForgeRock Docs and Alfred”

  1. As a non Mac user, I use a tool called Launchy for desktop shortcuts, but I had never thought about adding document links in this fashion. Launchy does, however, have a “Weby” plugin just for this purpose.

    Excellent idea, Brad!

  2. Thanks Bill. The next evolution of this would be able to send the specific doc and a search parameter along with the request … e.g. ‘openidm integrators search-param’ … so that it would load the doc and perform the search in one fell swoop. … a man can dream anyway. 🙂

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