ForgeRock upgrades entire stack today! #OpenAM #OpenIDM #OpenDJ #OpenIG

ok guys … ForgeRock released updates across the board today:

  • Access Management – AM 13
  • Identity Management – IDM 4
  • Directory Services – DJ 3
  • Identity Gateway – IG 4
  • I have only had a chance to go through the OpenAM release notes … and this is a big release for OpenAM. Clearly a ton of effort was put into this version. Check out the release notes for a comprehensive list of new features. I have highlighted my favorites here:

  • Contextual Authorization
  • SAML 2 Authentication Module
  • OAuth 2.0 Device Flow
  • Additional UMA Support (you knew this was coming)
  • OAuth 2.0 Enhancements
  • Elasticity and Scaling Features (Stateless Sessions and Dynamic Configuration, Yay!!)
  • Soap STS is back … so, you have REST and SOAP STS services now
  • OpenIG to replace DAS (bye-bye DAS … you won’t be missed, along with your little friend JATO too)
  • One more – listed under “User Experience Enhancements” there is a new one “Recording Troubleshooting Information” – I don’t know much about this and need to find out some more but looks really useful
  • So, go download these new versions and check out this new stuff. Let me know if you find new stuff that I haven’t found yet.

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