2021 Priorities In Identity and Access Management

I won’t attempt to predict what 2021 will look, especially have the year that we just had. Instead I’d like to talk about several things that we’ll be focusing on and that I believe everyone in the identity space should be focused on.

As we dive into 2021 we are seeing a wave of changes and priorities that all involve a strong identity and access management strategy.  Our priorities as identity and access management consultants and advisors are to make sure that our customers have the right strategies on their roadmaps.

Cloud is going to continue to be prioritized and the landscape is changing at such a rapid pace that it’s important to create an incremental plan that helps your customers bridge where they are today to having a robust cloud strategy.  

Here’s an outline of priorities that I plan on delving into this year.  


  • Infrastructure
    • Hybrid 
    • Continue to migrate to the cloud 
    • Define the methodology, process and tools to migrate customers to the cloud 
  • Observability 
    • Monitoring
    • Notifications
    • Audit
    • Analytics 

Risk & Fraud

  • Zero trust models in Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)
    • What does this model look like?
    • Where is the industry today with this?
    • Things to look at:
      • Customer Authentication Journeys (e.g. authentication flows)
        • Intelligent Access 
        • Multi-factor Authentication
      • Continuous Authorization 
        • Contextual Authorization 

I’d love to get your feedback and thoughts on what priorities you and your customers are focusing on this year.

Cheers to a Happy New Year!! 

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