2024 Technology Wish List

The year 2023 was a landmark for Artificial Intelligence (AI). We witnessed remarkable advancements from OpenAI and Google, with ChatGPT and Bard showcasing its potential for the world. The rapid integration of these capabilities into various platforms through plugins and services was fascinating. I hope this momentum continues, leading to AI becoming a valuable personal assistant and a powerful tool for further innovation.

Convergence of Identity and AI

This area deeply excites me. For years, I’ve envisioned AI-driven policy management, where access control decisions dynamically create and enforce policies based on traffic patterns and anomalies. I believe AI will initially assist in the administrative aspect of identity management, eventually transitioning to enforcement. On the identity management side, AI can significantly help administrators with governance and entitlements. Imagine AI determining who deserves access to what, alleviating pressure on overburdened teams.

Decentralized and Self-Sovereign Identity Takes Center Stage

I’m actively contributing to making this a reality. Organizations will begin offering digital identity wallets to their employees, customers, and members. These wallets will allow credential issuers (employers, banks) to create and push credentials directly to users. This data, now under the user’s control, can be shared with verifiers (resource owners and service providers) without requiring communication with the issuer (Phone home issue). Verifiers can verify credentials without the issuers knowing where they were used, offering tremendous benefits in employment, travel, healthcare, insurance, and more. The concept of zero knowledge proofs will also enable users to potentially get access to services without revealing more information than required. An often used example is buying alcohol. When buying alcohol the shopper could share a credential that shows they are over 21 or of legal age, without revealing their birthdate.

Digital Identity Wallets: The Convergence Point

I’ve mentioned digital identity wallets and AI several times because I believe they represent the “killer app” for both identity, payments, and AI. Once trusted credentials are widely available, and individuals can seamlessly manage them from various sources, the possibilities are endless. Adding a layer of “personal AI” (credit to Jamie Smith) further empowers wallets, enabling them to interact with diverse service providers, even dynamically creating and deleting client interfaces for specific transactions.

Apple’s Next Big Thing

While I don’t foresee a physical device, I expect Apple to finally join the AI game publicly. I hope to see Siri become smarter and more personal, with Apple integrating deeper AI capabilities into its wallet and empowering Siri to make AI-based decisions about credential usage. Additionally, the wallet needs to support context and personas, allowing users to share specific data from desired credentials.

Predicting the future is always an exciting, albeit potentially humbling, exercise. I’ll likely be wrong on some of these, but that’s part of the fun. Let’s embrace the possibilities that 2024 holds! Happy Holidays and a peaceful New Year to everyone!


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