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ForgeRock dev environment (forgeops) – Cheat Sheet

A lot has changed in the ForgeRock DevOps space since I last wrote a blog post about setting up ForgeRock in Docker containers (way back in 2016).  ForgeRock has since integrated with Kubernetes and has instructions for deploying to local development environments and to Google and Amazon cloud environments. Here’s a quick and dirty set

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Deploying #OpenAM instances in #Docker

Deploying services with Docker has become pretty popular in the DevOps world (understatement). I want to demonstrate how to deploy an instance of ForgeRock’s OpenAM and OpenDJ using Docker. Essentially this is my ForgeRock Docker Cheat Sheet Setup: I am running this on a virtual Ubuntu instance in Virtualbox on my laptop. You can run

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OpenAM v.13 – REST STS OpenAM Token Translation

A quick demo of OpenAM’s Token Translation Service According to Wikipedia: In a typical usage scenario, a client requests access to a secure software application, often called a relying party. Instead of the application authenticating the client, the client is redirected to an STS. The STS authenticates the client and issues a security token. Finally,

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