Deploying #OpenAM instances in #Docker

Deploying services with Docker has become pretty popular in the DevOps world (understatement). I want to demonstrate how to deploy an instance of ForgeRock’s OpenAM and OpenDJ using Docker. Essentially this is my ForgeRock Docker Cheat Sheet Setup: I am running this on a virtual Ubuntu instance in Virtualbox on my laptop. You can run

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OpenAM v.13 – REST STS OpenAM Token Translation

A quick demo of OpenAM’s Token Translation Service According to Wikipedia: In a typical usage scenario, a client requests access to a secure software application, often called a relying party. Instead of the application authenticating the client, the client is redirected to an STS. The STS authenticates the client and issues a security token. Finally,

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ForgeRock upgrades entire stack today! #OpenAM #OpenIDM #OpenDJ #OpenIG

ok guys … ForgeRock released updates across the board today: Access Management – AM 13 Identity Management – IDM 4 Directory Services – DJ 3 Identity Gateway – IG 4 I have only had a chance to go through the OpenAM release notes … and this is a big release for OpenAM. Clearly a ton

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