Identity and Access Management for Education systems

Most school system IT departments these days are tasked with doing a lot more with a lot less. Users expect more services and access to cloud-based applications all while your budget continues to shrink. You need a solution that allows you to provide access to your applications, no matter where they are deployed and one that is flexible enough to scale no matter how many users you are supporting.

Whether you are a K-12 school system or a college/university we have the right IAM solutions for your enterprise.

EDU Solutions:


  • Secure integration with cloud apps (Google Apps, Office 365, Blackboard)
  • Reduce Help Desk cost
  • Secure on premise applications


Workflow-based User Identity Management

  • Users request access to applications and approvals automatically get routed to the right manager
  • Sunrise / Sunset access capabilities (set a future date to assign access or a date in the future to automatically remove a users access)
  • Provisioning to the Cloud (Google Apps, O365, etc)
  • Deploy your users to the cloud applications

Single Sign On with:

  • On Premise Apps
  • Cloud Applications

User Self-Management:

  • Password resets

Delegated Administration:

  • Assign administrators with the access they need to manage users in their organizations.
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