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Debugging OVD 11g Installation #Oracle #IdM #OVD

I am installing Oracle Virtual Directory 11g on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.  As the OVD installer ran through it’s Configuration Tools it stumbled on the Create ASInstance step with the following error: Error creating ASInstance asinst_1. Cause: An internal operation has failed.  Unable to validate NonJ2EEManagement Application deployment on admin server. See logs for more […]

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OVD 11g ForkJoin Plugin “FullOuterJoin” explanation #oracle #idm #ovd

I tried to implement the ForkJoin plugin today, for the first time.  The documentation is pretty good but not clear about one specific parameter (which happened to be the one that I needed).   When you add the plugin and then select to add a parameter, screenshot, one of the options is FullOuterJoin. According to

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